Hat Needed for a Wedding, Ascot, Christening?

What’s your first piece of advice when choosing a hat?
When coming to choose a hat have an open mind and try pieces on that you are unsure of or wouldn't usually try as you need to get a feel for what suits and you may be very surprised! 

What's most important, face shape or personality, or both?
Face shape can play a part but I wouldn't pay an awful lot of notice to these 'rules' as they don't always apply and you must try them on first before judging. Your chosen hat should make you feel good inside and there are certain types of hats that can match certain personalities.  

Can you make more of a statement at Ascot?
Personality plays a huge part when choosing a hat. If you don't feel comfortable in a vibrant flamboyant hat you won't be able to carry it off.

Thoughts on fascinators?
I call what some people call fascinators 'headpieces'. Fascinator to me means a very small flower or hair clip with feathers on. I don't have any of these but headpieces can be brimless hats of a substantial size. 

What have been this year’s trends?
This years trend colour wise is pinks, which is great as that's my favourite, there are so many shades of pink!  The boater is making a comeback and I've seen lots of lace too.

Do you prefer to match hat colour with outfit or accessories, or both?
I think you can match hats to the colour of your dress/outfit or the accessories, I don't like to see a hat of a totally different colour, I feel it should be tied in somewhere. 

Hair up or down? Or does it depend on the type of hat?
Hair up or down definitely depends on the hat. If the hat is structured I would put hair up. Hair when down swept to the opposite side of the hat detail always looks pretty. A low bun or chignon also looks good this way. Short hair looks great with hats.