Update from Lizzie's Hats

This season has been the busiest season yet! Not only have we moved premises to Lambourn, there was a new addition to the family in April, his name is Dessie! 

After last year’s big sale (post Royal Ascot), I looked into adding new milliners to my collection so Lizzie's hats would continue to be unique. There are over 60 new hats from worldwide milliners. Jill Humphreys from Jill and Jack Millinery is from Australia and her pieces have proved to be extremely popular.  The hats have added a new dimension to Lizzie's Hats as she likes to work with leather in some of her pieces.

I have also built up a fabulous relationship with Rosie Olivia Millinery and Lizzie's Hats stock a lot of her pieces. I also bought new pieces from Arturo Rios who is based in America. His pieces are so unusual and fun that they continue to be popular for Ascot.

There are some new pieces from Juliette Botterill and William Chambers who are both favourites of mine. The Philip Treacy and Dawn Guibert collection continues to grow and there are some lovely pieces from both of them. Exquisite new pieces have also been added from Gemma J Millinery, Carol Kennelly, Laura Aspit Livens, Rachel Black and Cara Meehan Millinery. Our new system for Ascot this year has proved to work extremely well and we will continue to use this system from now on.

Now Ascot is over we look forward to helping ladfies find hats for all their summer occasions!

I have one eye on the new collections coming out by all the top milliners. We are currently working with Emily London Millinery to add yet another milliner to our growing collection. 

Please note although it is not as big as last year there is a sale on.