Royal Ascot 2016 - Style Guide

While the style choices at The Oscars tend to be the most talked-about of the year, the Royal Ascot aesthetic garners a significant number of headlines itself come June. With hundreds of thousands of race-goers expected to head for the Berkshire racecourse, event organisers are keener than ever to make the dress code clear three months in advance in order to give attendees enough time to choose an appropriate outfit.

In a newly-released style guide by the officials, women attending the Royal Enclosure have been asked to ensure all skirts and dressed are knee-length or longer and that trousers suits are not cropped.

Straps, as ever, must be 1 inch or wider, and hats must be worn at all times. If you'd prefer to wear a headpiece then it must be 4 inches or more.

Gentlemen in the Royal Enclosure must wear black or grey Morning Dress with - of course - a waistcoat. Top hats must be worn and must also be black or grey, while smart shoes are only welcome in black.

Things are a little more relaxed in the Queen Anne enclosure, but there are still a number of rules to note. Hats, headpieces and fascinators are all welcome, but there must be no strapless looks. Dresses with a sheer strap are equally unwelcome.For the male attendees, Morning Dress can be put aside in favour of a smart suit with shirt and tie.

Royal Ascot will be held from June 14-18 this year with prices ranging from £27-£80. Book before midnight Tuesday 5th April for an early booking discount.